Nobel Prize awarded to Kyoto Prize Laureate


Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, 2010 Kyoto Prize Laureate, 2012 Nobel Prize Laureate

Nobel Prize Awarded to Three Recent Kyoto Prize Laureates

The Kyoto Prize was created in 1984, with the assistance of the Nobel Foundation, to create Kyoto awards which do not duplicate the Nobel categories established a Century ago.  In fact, the very first Kyoto Prize was awarded to the Nobel Foundation as a group for its assistance in advising the Inamori Foundation in creating the Kyoto Prize.  Saying that, nine Kyoto Prize Laureates have also then received a Nobel – including three in just the past five years. These “dual” Laureates are Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi  (2016 and 2012), Dr. Isamu Akasaki (2014 and 2009) and  Dr. Shinya Yamanaka (2012 and 2010). San Diegan Dr. Sidney Brenner is also a member of this elite group, having received his Kyoto Prize in 2002 and 1990.


Kyoto Prize and Nobel Overlap

Jack Kilby (Kyoto 1993, Nobel 2000)

Zhores Alferov (Nobel 2000, Kyoto 2001)

Kurt Wuthrich (Kyoto 1998, Nobel 2002)

Sydney Brenner (Kyoto 1990, Nobel 2002)

Paul Lauterbur (Kyoto 1994, Nobel 2003)

Mario Capecchi (Kyoto 1996, Nobel 2007)

Isamu Akasaki (Kyoto 2009, Nobel 2009)

Shinya Yamanaka (Kyoto 2010, Nobel 2012)

Yoshinori Ohsumi (Kyoto 2012, Nobel 2016)


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