Thank You for Attending the 2017 Kyoto Prize Symposium


In March, the 2017 Kyoto Prize Symposium (March 14-16) concluded, after a fabulous Opening Ceremony & Gala, three lectures and several Post-doc sessions by the 2016 Kyoto Prize Laureates. It was an inspiring week for which we want to thank the San Diego community for your support of the Kyoto Prize and it’s mission: the betterment of humankind.

We would like to thank:

-The Inamori Foundation and Laureates, who inspire us with their actions.

-Our Volunteers, your hard work throughout the year is invaluable to our success.

-Our Sponsors. Your support is what makes the celebration of the Kyoto Prize possible. 

The 2017 Kyoto Prize Laureates will be announced in June.  Visit our site to see who will be coming to San Diego in 2018!