Thank You for Attending the 2016 Kyoto Prize Symposium


Last week we wrapped up the 2016 Kyoto Prize Symposium (March 15-17) after a stunning gala, three lectures and several Post-doc sessions by the Laureates themselves. It was a fantastic (and busy) week, and we thank all of the citizens/students of San Diego that attended in support of the Kyoto Prize and it’s mission: the betterment of humanity. 

There are several people we would like to thank:

-The Inamori Foundation and Laureates, who inspire us with their actions.

-Our Volunteers, we couldn’t do it without all of your hard work. 

-And of course, our Sponsors. Their support is what makes KSO and the Symposium possible. 


Thank you and check back in June for the announcement of next year’s Laureates!