What is the Kyoto Prize?


The Kyoto Prize is an international award honoring those who have contributed significantly to humankind’s scientific, cultural, and spiritual development. The prize is presented annually in three categories: Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, and Arts and Philosophy. Consisting of academic honors, a commemorative gold medal and a cash gift of 50 million yen, it is Japan’s highest private award for global achievement.


Kazuo Inamori Forbes

Dr. Kazuo Inamori, President of The Inamori Foundation, established the Kyoto Prize in 1984 for two reasons: first, to support his belief that there is no higher calling than to work for the greater good of all humankind; and second, to recognize those dedicated yet unsung people who improve the world through their research, science, and art. Through the Kyoto Prize, Dr. Inamori hopes both to recognize the extraordinary efforts and contributions to society made by these laureates, and to stimulate them and others to still greater heights.


Kyoto Prize Laureates Since 1985 (Inamori Foundation Web site)